Rambo (2008) Review

Rambo (2008) – Trailer

I found this movie to be quite interesting in so far as Rambo himself discovers a humanity within himself. From the outset there is gore galore, and a shocking insight to the military rulership of Burma. In this final episode of Rambo John finds himself escorting a humanitarian aid group who undoubtably get into trouble, thus meaning John has to come to the rescue. The effects for a 2008 film are very good yet astonishingly accurate to what physical damage would be done to a person if such things happened to them (may I refer you attention to the film ‘Gamer’ where the effects are very similar) At the end of the day this is a tough one, if you are a Rambo fan you should have no issue with this closing chapter, if not it stands well alone from the other chapters to just dip your toes in for a feel.

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